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Google Translate penerjemah tulisan tercetak dapat berjalan tanpa harus terkoneksi internet dan tentu saja harus di ) dengan bahasa yang lebih natural dan kemampuan yang lebih cepat ketika jaringan berada pada koneksi internet yang lambat.

At this time, Chinese cultural influence was particularly strong, and the new city was laid out in a grid pattern in imitation of the Chinese capital of Changan ( modern Xian ).

Kyoto and Nara, the two ancients cities just 40 miles apart, are together considered the cultural center of Japan.

Kyoto the country's capital for over a thousand years, is the embodient of Japanese traditions, for it was here, during the golden age of court life, that Japanese art aesthetics developed Nara lays claim to the title of the nation's spiritual center, for it was here that Buddhism was first practiced in Japan.

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