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You no longer have to sign up on scores of different sites, this would not only save your precious time but also money that you would've spent in subscribing for paid memberships one by one.Just pick one site that suits your preferences, needs, and desires.The site has over 9 million active members and hundreds of thousands elite singles online at the same time.About 41% verified millionaires on Luxy, have an annual income of over 1,000,000.The average income of a sugar daddy or mamma on the website is around 8,000, according to incomplete statistics.

The site has been featured in countless television shows, making it a recognizable name for viewers around the world.

If you want to seek sugar daddy, mamma or sugar babies. Sugar Daddy For launched in 2005, it has grown into a vibrant online community.

The site has over 4.5 million members and over 2,000 new sugar daddy and sugar baby profiles every day. The age range for women is predominantly 18 – 45 and for men the age range is predominantly 25 – 60.

Luxy® launched in 2014, is the most popular and fastest growing luxury online millionaires club where the successful and attractive connect.

Luxy has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, CNN, ABC, CNBC, CBS, Business Insider and The New York Times.

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