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The reason I TRY and get top dollar is I start at Highest and Best Use and work down from there. When they stopped laughing and started paying I was already at 0k. I feel sorry for those that have to blame and excuse. Secondly and even more importantly, define the most essential and largest part of your challenge. The top of the pyramid will define success or failure in nearly 100% of all cases.Very few of my domains will be used that way in my lifetime. I KNOW the value and until somebody gives me an offer that at least is on the path to HBU, I am not even going to respond. It takes up more effort and energy than actually learning, overcoming and succeeding. If you ignore that piece of the puzzle, save it for last, or get it wrong; you lose!I read the other day that if you bought 00 of Apple stock in 1980 after the IPO you would have over ,000 today plus the dividends along the way."Since the Companies initial IPO in 1980, Apple stock has delivered a 9.072% return, excluding dividends."So looks like my sales alone eclipsed that many times over in a much shorter time span.When I look back to that period, the "Dark ages" as I call them, never in my wildest dreams did I expect the success I have enjoyed and the great folks I have met along the way. Some that have been helped and influenced by my words and thoughts and I by theirs as well. Some think they need to speak for me by twisting my words to suit. And truthfully, many ignore the bad and ugly and oversell the good. It is the most portable asset the world has ever known.Some that were provoked by those same thoughts but also might be motivated by them. To make an impact in the life of a family is how I define success. And that goes a long way because I truly believe that whatever you give out in life comes back 10 fold or more. I just learned early on that it was much better to have the good come back; I avoid the bad. As a businessman I have to reassess things whenever there is new information. They don't want to hear what they don't want to hear. If you believe something and proof comes that you are wrong, you must pause. But bigger than all that is that a great domain name is an equalizer.It makes one directionless when they miss the top piece.So with one 20 year plan in the books, It is now time to enjoy and capitalize on what the next 20 years may bring. 20 years in which I employed the Rip Van Winkle and Rope a Dope strategies.

I look back to what things looked like then and where we are today and it is like being in outer space. But the Galaxy is massive and we have barely scratched the surface. I realized from the get go that this was an opportunity my father did not have, my grandfather did not have my great grandfather did not have nor his father before him. More than anything else I knew the Internet gave power to the powerless. A new swiss army knife that would change lives in a way that few have still quite understood. Very few businesses were online and not all even used email at that point in life and the 35-50 year old still were computerless because they were working too hard to have time to get that far. Well I figured it would have to be an entire generation, 20 years! 20 years just to get to a place that I could begin to demonstrate what I had seen and why it was so strong and therefore the reason I would never waiver. The question for me was how do I pay for domains at 0 each knowing it might be 20 years?

The conversation now is much different than the conversation of 20 years ago. They were running 24/7 businesses, they were AWOL during business hours.

Now I come to the table with some level of credibility. Their sites would go down for days at a time and no one minding the store!

And if I get it right, I can spot a success a year away; 5 years away; 20 years away as well. Get it wrong, you automatically fail because all the other pieces of the pyramid add up to 50%.

Where I come from, 50% is a failing grade on almost any level.

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