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Tracking all handicappers in our MMA Handicapper directory, here is their performance on underdogs vs favorites.Big favorite constitutes a higher than 65% chance of winning, according to the bookmaker odds. For the fights where we made a unit bet in the Wisdom of Crowds, the stats are as follows; Favourite Wins: 129 (59%) Underdog Wins: 91 (41%) We Picked Favourite: 150 (68%) of which 91 won (61%) for a total profit / loss of 21.58 units. Bigfoot event was the biggest upset event in MMA history.Over / Under Perform: Here we compare the Avg % Win Chance (i.e.what percentage of the fights the bookmaker says these fighters should win), with how many actually won.In general, according to MMA Junkie, 31.5% of underdogs won in 2014 (UFC fights only).Whereas under our system so far, that stands at 35%.Of the fights we picked, that's even higher, at 41%.This page will continue to update automatically, so check back at any time for the latest statistic of which is better to pick in UFC / MMA fights: underdogs or favorites.

In general, our period of events so far has been much more favorable to underdogs than normal.Of course, if you bet several days / weeks before the fight, you'll get different odds.It is very important with MMA betting to try and have a few different accounts, if you want to maximise profits.When betting on MMA should you bet on the favorites or the underdogs?This page continually updates with all major MMA / UFC fights.

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