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Givenchy's Organza has been a love at first sniff for me.I especially love the drydown, which is the most sensual phase of this fragrance in my opinion.Organza always smells sophisticated, complex, bold, and intriguing to me.It smells very historic and classic to my nose; I feel like it belongs to the old times; in a very grand way.It is composed of intoxicating notes of opulent white flowers: gardenia, tuberose and jasmine. This warm oriental is more suited for fall and winter, but I wouldn’t hesitate choosing Organza for special events during the spring or summer. I really dislike soapy notes, so it definitely ruins the fragrance. Like Amarige, Organza is not the scent for someone with a faint heart. Whether this be selective smelling or my inability to ignore it in favour of other notes... Either or, this is accompanied by a lovely gardenia and a powdery nutmeg. I rarely wear it myself as the vanilla comes through quite strong on me, almost as if I'd rubbed vanilla extract on, it does eventually simmer down at which point it smells more like I remember with the gardenia and honeysuckle alongside amber (which is a favorite of mine, because of this perfume I think) and the woodsy notes.The combination is incredibly exciting; soft vanilla in the base tames the voluptuous luxuriance of the floral heart. I find this fragrance calms and uplifts my mood, too. I assumed, wrongly, that this would be easy to pull off. I wear this scent most often on cold, rainy, lazy fall days (like today) and it makes me want to cuddle up in front of the fire with my coffee and have a chat with my mom on the phone.Well this one is a love for me, and I guess it is no surprise. It is a bomb, you don't need to overspray it I started out with the vintage pure perfume which led me to not like it much.

Well-rounded and complete - nothing lacking here, very polished. The really great thing here is that it's not really a cloying monster or a badly done fragrance in any way. I could see this working for dates and nights out with a loved one. My wallet, on the other hand, feels the difference quite well, I assure you, as it can cost a tiny fraction of what Organza (quite deservedly) costs.

Organza is a magical mix of classical sensuality, delicacy and warmth, a hymn to eternal beauty possessed by every woman. I see angels and hear hymns when I smell this fragrance! :-D I think the images I get have to do with gardenia ("white light angels") and nutmeg (Christmas). I actually like the scent though not my usual taste, I find it sweet white flowers with a bit of powdery haze, but God! I sneezed a bunch of times and I had to use nasal spray and take benedryl. But it is a lovely actual scent if you can, you know, breathe.

An attractive bottle designed by Serge Manseau is the embodiment of virtues of this fragrance, which is oriental-floral, warm and sweet. Creamy, subtle spice makes this feminine, white floral a favorite. In some funny way I cannot see this fragrance as an everyday fragrance, for me this is "going to church on Christmas" kind of fragrance, reserved for special moments when I want to feel (and smell) pristine. Unfortunately after a few minutes some of the notes, not sure which, turn soapy. I just recently acquired a bottle of this for myself as my mother wore it often while I was growing up and for that reason its a very comforting scent for me.

It's a striking yet delicate fragrance,and I love it! So, from my experience, the house of Givenchy has always specialised in making distinctly feminine perfumes.

In the sense that the one this reminds me of (which my mother used to own) was Ysatis, which again was a very grown up and feminine fragrance.

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