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When I was a student, I visited a casino and started to play roulette.A middle aged couple came in and she started chatting to me.I was stood with my arm around my girlfriend at the time. I was at a very busy bar almost at the front of the bar que, when I felt someone feeling my backside.On the other side of me was a girl with whom I'd been lusting after for a while, and the feeling was very definitely mutual. I glanced to the side and i could see two girls giggling, They both ran there hands up and down my legs, one girl slipped her hand around to rub me through my jeans, i was instantly hard.That was my first time of experiencing the delicious naughtiness of being fumbled in public, with the added thrill of the husband close a nightclub when i was about 19 a older married women come onto me and i fingered her as she rubbed my cock thru my trousers. she left at the end of the night with one of the bouncers so my fingering must have been crap lolfirehunk..... had a woman allover me in a club.of naughty touching and fingering happening all night.towards end of the night she kinda dissapears??seen her allover a bouncer as i left...wasnt going to get my head caved in over a bit of 'fluff' but damn was i gutted!!

The girl behind me gripped my wrist and fucked herself against my fingers. In a jumpin jacks nightclub in Aberdeen in the middle of the dance floor, she had a bf and I had a gf at the time, met her on a night out with my mates and tried to resist her charms (who am I kidding) ended up with 2 fingers deep inside her as she rubbed my cock while others danced around us, was at it a good 10-15 mins too so I'm sure some folk noticed, never even got her name either..

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I was on my front with a bikini on on lay on his hand ,,, I came and no one noticed !!

I've been fingered in a hotel sauna by our friend while hubby watched !! Saying goodnight on the door step of her parents flat, she had her hand down my trousers giving me a wank as I had two fingers in her pussy as we both cum her dad came home from the pub and said goodnight as he walked through the front door. Couple of times i fingerd her up her skirt in class.

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