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He is the author of 'Two Treasurers of the Middle Kingdom' (British Archaeological Report S1007) Oxford 2001. Most Egyptian history books concentrate on the tombs of royals, but this book reveals information of funerary traditons of the majority of the ancient population- the lower classes.

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The book is arranged chronologically, and each chapter has a section on the poor graves from the time period.

The book is rather short, lacking the extensive detail found in more lavishly produced books for popular consumption, and apparently it includes some errors.

Most notably, Grajetzki says the poorest people had no burial goods, but that is no longer considered to be true.

Their traditional Egyptian funerary customs (including mummification) and religious practices continued until the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as its official religion during the fourth century A. Located in the Western Desert, about 217 miles (350 kilometers) west of Luxor, the Dakhla Oasis contains a vast amount of archaeological remains that date from prehistoric to modern times.

A number of settlements from the Roman era flourished in the Dakhla Oasis.

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