Dating girls out of your league

This concept may strike some people as crass and calculating, like a business contract being hammered out.

But the fact is that all of us want to get a “good deal” when it comes to choosing a mate.

As you ponder possible matches and mismatches of your own, keep these thoughts in mind: Accept the “marketplace” principle of relationships.

When you are searching for a partner, you can expect to attract a person whose total “set of attributes” is approximately equal to your own. You want to find the best person you can, but this best person will largely depend on what you bring in trade.

The goal is to honestly and accurately understand what you have to offer another person. Some individuals are unusually intelligent, good-looking, athletically gifted, musically talented, and spiritually thoughtful.And your partner should feel like a winner for choosing you.No one should feel like he or she “got gypped” in their choice of a mate.There's an accepted theory that people who are of similar attractiveness will gravitate toward each other, so any time we see a couple disproving this theory, we tend to ruminate on how and why and what this means for us and our love lives. Are twos "doomed" (for lack of a better word) to a fellow two? A study from 2011 attempted to prove or disprove this hypothesis and discover how likely it is that we would try to date someone who is out of our league.Normally, the famous 10-point scale is used in conjunction with this theory. The first part of the study tested for dating preference.

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