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Maria Ibáñez MAGIC IN MIAMI Williams Magic Mobile coming to Miami S. You may not have seen much of him as his dedication was to be “with the shows, the crew and the acts” backstage to make certain that you had fun each evening. Smith will Emcee the closing gala show at the Smith Center during the convention (July 23-26 ) See the complete list of acts and events at LIFE JEFF AND ABBI MCBRIDE Magician and musician worked together for years before marrying Jeff and Abigail Mc Bride talk about their romance in the library of their Whitney-area home. Andrew Taylor – VIEW STAFF WRITER Jeff and Abigail Mc Bride show off the finale to a romantic magic illusion in their Whitney-area home.

Dividing his time between his small business and his annual “Comedy & Magic Spectacular” Tour, Smith stays quite busy. Year 25 has just been staged and over ,500,000 has been raised for child abuse prevention. RG has MC’d all 25 and will share some of his experiences with the tour and the S. The couple collaborate on “Wonderground,” a magic-packed monthly variety show they put on at The Olive, 3850 E. For Abigail Spinner Mc Bride, the magic moment happened when she first laid eyes on her future husband, Jeff Mc Bride. “I saw him around the campfire one night,” Abigail said.

Ten workers showed up to tag items submitted by Stephanie Graham, Tim Wallace, Dan Page, and Robbins Magic. No había ningún problema de enviada la semana pasada porque tuvimos algunos problemas de salud de la familia, nuestro hijo Orlando tenía que tener un implante de las encías y hasta la fecha todavía tiene los puntos de sutura in Fue una cirugía larga que duró tres horas y media y gracias a Dios , llegó a través de ella bien, pero aún se encuentran en puntos y será una semana más antes de que se compruebe si algunos de los puntos de sutura puede salir.

We are currently at 39 sellers as Bobby Cordell just joined the list of sellers for the 2012 auction which is slated for April 14. Los implantes de las encías tienen casi siempre, así que esperamos que sea el caso. La noche del viernes, 10 de febrero, Eugenio pronunció una conferencia magistral, como sólo él sabe hacerlo.

It was a long surgery which lasted three and a half hours and thankfully, he came through it fine but stitches are still in and it will be a week more before they check to see if some of the stitches can come out.

F October 19-21, MAGIC AUCTION AUSTIN MAGIC AUCTION NEWSLETTER #5, FEBRUARY 18, 2012 FIRST 204 ITEMS TAGGED THURSDAY EVENING We already have several hundred items in the warehouse and tagged 204 of those items this past Thursday evening. Rafael Ortiz (20) Charlotte Pendragon (26) – Gregg Phillips (21) Jonathan Renoux Magicien (20) – Hubanel Rivas (22) Shaun Rivera (22) – Mago Sairy (20) Richard Sarmiento (26) – Jozef Ziutini Seget (22) Emanuel Shabum (24) – Mike Snyder (20) Frank Starsinic (26) – Hugo Martinez Torres (26) German Ulloa (22) – Adrian Vargo (22) Heather Graham Waldo (25) – Bill Warren (21) Mago Yambo (25) Saludos amigos, es un día soleado y tranquilo en Miami, mientras escribo este número de te has enterado?

Just last night I found a beautiful original Merv Taylor Card Sword which was purchased in the 1960’s. That’s because the original bill of sale was tucked away in the original case! I was able to book it for king or double a couple of months ago. • Una exposición habitación con los modelos del circo y de un carnaval, junto con exhibiciones históricas, entre ellas trajes de la “mayor feria de la Tierra” película.

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay, don’t pick a downtown hotel. Austin Magic Auciton Closes: Saturday, April 14, 6 p.m. • Una sala de ventas con todo lo que puedas imaginar para la venta a añadir a su colección.

We do our best to sell on items that work and are complete. However we know that some items get broken in shipment from time to time and we do have staff that will try to fix it if that happens. Parking: Free Parking east of IH 35 (4 blocks), lots available, church max Entrance Fee to the Auction: no discounts. • Banquete Anual de la celebración del Día Mundial de Circo con Peggy Williams, de Feld Entertainment, como el orador invitado.

Any item that we can’t repairment or that we know is missing a piece will be placed on the “AS IS” table. I’ve seen a bunch of books and have photographed a few. Last year we had a very nice selection of illusions for you stage magicians. We have a couple of nice illusions coming in from San Antonio next weekend and also another promised by Bobby Cordell, at least it’s on his sellers’ list. Trixie Bond our co-chair this year is talking to the Sheraton which is just five blocks from the auction site and located at IH 35 and 11th Street. • Debut de una película documental, “Greasepaint: The Movie” con Joey Thurmond y producido por Daniel Espeut. • Un seminario sobre el Magic Circus está dada por Ward Hall.

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