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They’ve got the existing agents so scared of being terminated, that they spend their time trying to get their “metrics” fixed instead of realizing that they’re being cheated out of real money that they’re owed by Arise.And even though Arise is based on exploiting a loophole that claims everyone who works for them is not an employee, they are constantly looking for ways to dictate, monitor and control people as if they were employees.Arise Virtual Solutions in Mirmar Florida bills themselves a “work at home opportunity” and has workers take calls for large companies like Disney, AT&T, Carnival and Intuit while pretending that they are in a call center.Recently large clients have bailed because Arise was doing a poor job and it was hurting their reputation.Don’t be impressed by their boast (or any company’s claim) that they have a great rating with the BBB, because that doesn’t mean shit!And unfortunately is another one that’s gone corrupt like the BBB and allows companies to pay them to remove bad reports too.

Agents better be sure they wash all of their dirty dishes!For those people who do have some work, there are never enough hours and they’re broken up all day and night.The people stuck in this hopeless trap take whatever they can get; 15 minutes at 6am, 30 minutes at 11am, 15 minutes at 2pm, 45 minutes at 5pm, 15 minutes at pm, an hour at 2am. Arise makes all the agents scramble for time, trying to pick up work 24 hours a day.Arise encourages these out-of-work people to buy equipment, incorporate, get phone lines installed, etc.But after all of the money paid out and a few weeks (or months) of unpaid training, Arise tells many of them to go away.

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