Advice for dating a single dad

Drama is a’coming – If he is a single dad that likely means there is a single mom.

Some of the craziest women I have ever known are divorced mothers; and mom madness gets intensified when she feels threatened by daddy’s new ‘girlfriend’.

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Being a single dad for almost eight years, a really bad one and who the Queen says is now a good one; I’ve identified five universal characteristics or experiences women should expect from dating a quality single dad. His children were first and there will certainly be times when they take precedence over whatever you might have going on. Co-parenting is challenging and doing so with someone you would often rather push into moving traffic is harder.

While this intrinsically sounds understandable it often becomes unsettling when one stops to think how long it takes kids to grow up. If he is thinking long term, he knows that kids grow up and move away so he should have a healthy balance between you and them. After eight years I still get frustrated, exhausted, and need the Queen to be my rock to lean on, shoulder to cry on, and ear to scream in.

There is just something special about men who know their responsibilities, where they are going, how they will get there, and understand what’s important and what’s not.

Unfortunately there are lots of single dads who haven’t gotten there yet and many others never will.

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